More reliable, less invasive laparoscopic procedures

More reliable, less invasive laparoscopic procedures

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At Lapovations, we’re elevating the standard of care for laparoscopic procedures with our flagship product, AbGrab®. Born from experiencing the problems associated with laparoscopic procedures firsthand, we’re developing solutions that are more reliable and less invasive.


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See why we knew there had to be a better way, and learn how AbGrab® works.
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Introducing AbGrab®

Laparoscopic abdominal entry is the most dangerous part of any laparoscopic procedure.1

AbGrab® provides a reliable, yet non-invasive solution for abdominal wall elevation.

AbGrab in action

More reliable than manual grasp


Less invasive than towel clips


Clinically tailored to improve abdominal wall elevation

More Reliable.

Less Invasive.

Though often the shortest part of a laparoscopic procedure, laparoscopic abdominal entry accounts for ~50% of serious laparoscopic complications and litigations related to laparoscopy.2, 3

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AbGrab® can be used with the Veress needle, direct trocar, or direct trocar under vision entry techniques.
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