Fayetteville, AR – September 13, 2022 – Lapovations, LLC (IssueWire). Lapovations, a medical device company creating a platform of innovative products to improve laparoscopy, has signed a distribution agreement with VersaMed, LLC, a Northwest Arkansas based medical device distributor, to provide sales and distribution for their flagship product, AbGrab®. AbGrab® is a revolutionary surgical assist device that allows surgeons to lift the abdominal wall more reliably and less invasively at the beginning of laparoscopy, or minimally invasive surgery of the abdomen.

VersaMed is the second distribution partnership Lapovations has secured in the past month to support the national launch of AbGrab®. Since its founding in 2006, VersaMed has been one of the leading medical device distributors in Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith representing product lines from Stryker, RTI, and Breg. VersaMed partners with manufacturers like Lapovations to sell surgical instruments and devices used in the operating room, with a focus on laparoscopic and orthopedic solutions. The group has twelve total sales reps in the area and will initially launch AbGrab® with three of them who focus on laparoscopy.

This most recent distribution partnership is aimed at expanding the traction AbGrab® is already generating in the region. “In preparation for this national launch, we’ve been very active in partnering with laparoscopic surgeons through our pre-launch trialing program. More than 10 surgeons have used AbGrab in over 150 total surgeries so far and the feedback has been incredibly positive”, said Jared Greer, Founder and CEO of Lapovations. “Surgeons are frustrated with the current lifting techniques and interested in new solutions, and at Lapovations, we’ve created that solution with AbGrab.”

“With the high rate of mergers and acquisitions in the medical device space, finding innovative new products to represent is a key part of maintaining growth as a distributor”, said Ashton Moore, Owner and Managing Partner of VersaMed. He continued, “AbGrab is incredibly complimentary to our existing product portfolio, and we’re thrilled to bring this technology to the network of surgeons we work with.”

Though often the shortest part of a laparoscopic procedure, laparoscopic abdominal entry accounts for ~50% of serious laparoscopic complications and litigations related to laparoscopy (1,2) . To reduce this risk, surgeons will lift the abdominal wall before entry, but current lifting techniques can be unreliable or invasive. AbGrab® uses suction to provide a more reliable, less invasive way to elevate the abdominal wall.

About Lapovations

Lapovations, LLC is a medical device company creating a platform of innovative products to improve laparoscopy, or minimally invasive surgery of the abdomen. The company’s first product, AbGrab®, is a novel device that uses suction to lift the abdominal wall at the start of the procedure. AbGrab® is more reliable and less invasive than current lifting methods. For more information contact: mediarelations@lapovations.com or visit www.lapovations.com

About VersaMed

VersaMed, LLC is a medical device distributor based in Northwest Arkansas. Founded in 2006, VersaMed provides sales and distribution for a range of medical devices and surgical instruments used in orthopedic and laparoscopic surgeries. The group’s Arkansas sales coverage focuses on Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith. For more information contact: ashton.moore@versamedllc.com

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[2]Jansen, F., Kolkman, W., Bakkum, E., de Kroon, C., Trimbos-Kemper, T. and Trimbos, J., 2004. Complications of laparoscopy: An inquiry about closed- versus open-entry technique. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 190(3), pp.634-638 [Accessed 1 September 2021].